Podiatrists Who Do Housecalls in Rochester, NY

Sometimes it is just impossible to make it our of your house for a doctors appointment.  In the case of foot health issues, transporting yourself from your home to the doctors office could be incredibly difficult.  In these cases it becomes important to have a doctor that provides housecalls.  Our staff at Podiatrist Rochester take great pride in the service and care we provide for our patients, and we like to go above and beyond most doctor’s level of service, and this means providing housecalls for our patients.  No need to travel all the way to us, we can provide daily or weekly housecalls to you should the situation dictate it.

We are native New Yorks and proud to serve our home of Rochester.  If you are in the Rochester area and are suffering from foot ailments such as athlete’s foot, flat feet, Sever’s disease, or any other plethora of foot problems, our Podiatrists are on-call to provide you with the care you need.

Simply call us, anytime, at 1-866-871-5473 to speak with our staff and set up an appointment.  We would be glad to help you in anyway we can.  We are proud to serve our community and look forward to helping you.

Our staff is experienced at dealing with insurance companies and have handled many different plans, benefits levels, including Medicaid, and we will be happy to handle your insurance issues as well.  Our staff won’t quit unless you recieve all the care you need, at minimal cost to you.